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Real | Spotify Podcast (2022)

What does it mean to be authentic?  What is the nature of reality?  How well do you know yourself?  Others?  Why is it so hard to be yourself in the world?  "Real" is a podcast that explores these and other related questions.  It features real people getting real about various topics.  The creator, executive producer, and host Stephanie Lewis leads the discussions and encourages her guests to be real in an interview format podcast.  Stephanie is a full-time professor at a community college and Chair of Visual Arts and Media at her school as well as a visual artist and documentary filmmaker.  She is also the proprietor and manager of Mojo 2 Spare Productions, LLC, which produces this podcast.  

"Real" is created using Anchor and hosted on Spotify.  


Theme Music for Real

The theme song for the "Real" podcast is Ramblin' Deano's "Reality Blues".  Ramblin' Deano is the stage name for Dean Schlabowske.  His songs are published by Pigsville Music, BMI, and are administered by DePugh Music.  Special thanks to Ramblin' Deano for use of this great song.  Play "Reality Blues" on Spotify.  You can learn about his work at his website.

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