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Become a Patreon Member to Support Our Current Project

Do you have SPARE Mojo, EXTRA Mojo, PREMIUM Mojo, or EXTREME Mojo? Independent films can't be made without grass roots supporters. Stories that might not otherwise be told, can be told, and YOU can be a part of it. Mojo 2 Spare Productions LLC is working on its most important and complex film project to date. After three years of intensive research, the interview phase and archival footage clipping has begun on our film "Berryhill," a toxic waste and environmental justice story. The film will also be an educational piece for people located near toxic waste. But we can't complete this mammoth of a project without you. In the attached pictures below, you can see the member contribution levels and their perks. If you would like to become a contributing member, go to this link and join TODAY:

Some of Mojo 2 Spare Productions LLC's current bonafides:

1. Both of our independent films, "Joanne Martin: A Life in Miniature" and "Authentic" are distributed to three streaming services each, so far, and are expected to be on several more in the near future.

2. "Joanne Martin" has been featured on a site called "Good.Film" ( ), that helps viewers "Find movies and TV shows to help you understand yourself, and the world, a little better." According to Co-Founder Amy Tyler, “The better we get at connecting people to stories they find entertaining and meaningful, the greater impact they will have on the world.” Link: .

3. "Authentic" has wone 5 IMDB-qualifying film festival awards:

Merit Award - LGBTQ Unbordered International Film Festival (2023)

Best Horror Short Film - 8 & Halfilm International Monthly Film Festival

Best American Director - 8 & Halfilm International Monthly Film Festival

Best Sound Design of Medium-Length Film - BIMFF – Brazil International Monthly Film Festival

Thanks to everyone already contributing to the "Berryhill" project! We hope more will join us in helping this important project come to fruition!

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