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"Authentic" Secures Award at Film Festival!

The second film produced by Mojo 2 Spare Productions has received a Merit Award from the LGBTQ Unbordered International Film Festival! We are proud of all of the people who helped make this film, starting with the Writer, Director, and Associate Producer Eris. This film was truly an independently made, highly collaborative effort in which most people involved took on more than one role (sometimes multiple) to make it happen. The following list represents those people and a special thanks goes out to them:

Aaron Bloodworth

Skylar Conover

David (D-Bob) Crook Rowan Fletcher-Gibbs

Tara Fletcher-Gibbs

Sarah Ashtyn Fox

Church Haley

Maria R. Kendrick

Rachel Ann Kendrick

Michea L'Rae

Summer Rain Levina

Nocona Ridge Adia Sigurani

Rachel Simmonds

Onward and upward!

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