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"Authentic" Rough Cut Finished, Begins Musical Scoring

Authentic, an independent horror film created, written, edited, and directed by Eris, has been in the hands of accomplished musician, composer, and sound engineer, Nocona Ridge. Nocona created an original song called "Roses" for the first Mojo 2 Spare Productions' film, Joanne Martin: A Life in Miniature. The rough cut of Authentic was finished on October 15, and handed off to Nocona to create an original musical score. He is still currently working on that endeavor, and as parts of the scored film come in, Eris works on the final polished edits of those clips. She says, "This film is becoming more than I’d ever believed, and I’m hoping that everyone enjoys seeing it as much as I’m enjoying building it." Below are some film stills from Authentic.

David (D-Bob) Crook as "Jim Bob"

Centered L and R respectively: Aaron Bloodworth as "Joe Riggs" and Michea L’Rae as Jacob Moore

Rachel Simmonds as herself in the band Glitteris

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