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Joanne Martin: A Life in Miniature  (2019)

1h 35min   |   English with Captioning   |  Produced by Stephanie Lewis (Executive Producer) and Margaret Correll (Assistant Producer) | Directed by Stephanie Lewis and Eris

When Stephanie Lewis was a child, her aunt Joanne was a mystery to her.  She was this intense person involved in a lot of things, who made well-attended holiday meals at her home.  Lewis also visited her property at Iron Mountain Lake, Missouri some summers during childhood.  She was also the only other person in a creative arts field in Lewis' entire family - immediate and extended.

In 2010, Lewis invited Joanne to give a presentation on the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis, for which she was President, to her art club at the college which Lewis is a professor of art.  The two had a great time getting to know each other for the first time in their lives and learned a few things in the bargain.

In 2013, Lewis began talking to her friend Eris about the film she wanted to make about her aunt and the two set out to do so in July of 2015.  It is a film about a miniaturist, a businesswoman, a museum president, a girl scout leader, a teacher, a student, a mother, a daughter, a most of all, an indomitable human spirit.

Joanne Martin: A Life in Miniature - Official Trailer
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Joanne Martin: A Life In Miniature in the Media

St. Louis' Riverfront Times, January 9 - 15, 2019, p. 5

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